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Flexible one-on-one flight training*
Royal Queensland Aero Club offers one on one flexible training from GFPT to CPL and everything in between. We can also do your CIR on a schedule that suits you. *Flight training delivered by Airline Academy of Australia.

Book a Trial Instructional Flight
The best starting point, whether your goal is to become a commercial or a private pilot, is to enjoy a trial instructional flight.
Gift Vouchers Available!

As a member of the Royal Queensland Aero Club you will be entitled to a variety of Benefits including discounted aircraft rates.

Royal Queensland Aero Club (RQAC) is one of the longest established flight training schools in the world.

At RQAC we have the experience and expertise to assist you in achieving a commercial pilot licence . Read about our training facilities.
Royal Queensland Aero Club (RQAC) is one of the oldest flight training schools in the world. Thousands of students have earned RQAC wings since 1919. Our gradutes are working in all fields of aviation  throughout the world.  Learn about our history.
Learning to fly and gaining a Private Pilot’s Licence is one of the most challenging and rewarding activities.  Imagine the freedom of flying yourself anywhere in Australia.    Find a course.