Ask Us

Can I still learn to fly if I wear glasses?
Yes. All pilots must obtain a medical certificate from a certified Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME). If obtaining your Class 1 Medical the examination will include an ophthalmology appointment.

How much will it cost me?
The cost is dependant on your flying goals and individual competency. Please Contact Us for course structure and course costs.

How often should I fly?
There are no minimum requirements however, in the early stages of your flying training we recommend having regular lessons at least once a week to ensure consistency in training.

What are the age restrictions to fly?
There is no minimum age to commence flight training, however you must be 16 years of age before you can pilot an aircraft solo.
Individual licence age restrictions
Private Pilot Licence – 17 years of Age
Commercial Pilot Licence – 18 years of Age
There is no are no other age restrictions imposed however, all pilots need to obtain a medical certificate from a certified Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) before flying training can commence.

Is my instructor experienced?
Yes. RQAC flying instructors are selected for their high level of professionalism, initiative, customer service, instructional ability, flying skills, and passion for aviation. They have an extensive range of backgrounds, skill sets and experiences.

How do I start training?
Contact Us to make an appointment or to book a Trial Introductory Flight.

What is CASA?
CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) is the regulatory body for Aviation in Australia. CASA issues all Flight Crew Licences and Medicals for pilots.

How do I obtain an Aviation Medical Certificate?
You will need to make an appointment to see a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME).
A list of Designated Aviation Medical Examiner’s (DAME’s) can be found on CASA’s web site.

What’s the difference between Instructor Grading (Grade I, Grade II, Grade III)?
All instructors must possess an Instructor Rating in order to teach. Each Grade of instructor has different training approvals based on their experience. An initial instructor rating is known as a Grade III.

I commenced my flight training with another school, can I transfer to RQAC?
Yes. If you wish to transfer schools Contact Us to make an appointment to discuss your options of transferring schools to RQAC.