RQAC is located at Archerfield airport, Brisbane, Queensland. The school offers a variety of training facilities and resources including: simulators, theory schools and a fleet of 20 training aircraft.

RQAC has an extensive historical background dating back to 1910 and ties the history with the present. The facility has a club lounge and bar with displays of the history of Aviation in Australia.

Students have access to the Pilot Shop. All classrooms and facilities are fully air-conditioned. RQAC has dedicated operations and planning areas with direct airside access.


The RQAC training fleet consists of predominantly Cessna 172 aircraft, well known for their capability as training aircraft and are the choice of many flight training organizations.

Glass cockpit Garmin 1000 equipped Cessna 172SP models are also available.

The constant-speed, retractable phase of the training is conducted in Cessna 172RG aircraft or Cessna 206. Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating training is conducted in the three Beechcraft Duchess aircraft. These aircraft are fitted with similar avionics to ensure consistency in this important phase of training.

RQAC is able to access a wide variety of other aircraft easily on an as-required basis


Simulator training is an important part of any professional flight training syllabus. RQAC operates  AT21, Redbird FMX 1000, and Boeing 737  synthetic trainers, fully approved by CASA for use as a procedural trainer for both single and multi-engine operations.

These simulators provide excellent systems training and are also an effective tool for multi-crew procedures training.

Briefing Rooms/ Flight Planning Areas

Briefing rooms at RQAC are computerised and equipped with LCD monitors. All briefings from RPL to Command Instrument Rating are accessed through the organisation’s central server system, thereby ensuring total standardisation of all briefings to all students. Whiteboards are used for supplementary explanation purposes. However, the briefs are centered around the electronic presentation.

In addition, there are dedicated briefing rooms for pre and post flight briefing. Electronic student records are accessed from the briefing room and updated promptly.

RQAC Club Lounge

Take time out to immerse yourself in the golden age of aviation while relaxing in the RQAC Club Lounge and Bar.

The lounge features:

  • Luxury furnishings
  • Air-conditioning
  • Cool filtered water
  • Uninterrupted view of the airfield
  • Club trophies of the past and present
  • Original artworks
  • Catalogued extensive aviation library
  • Historic documents and newspaper clippings

Study Area

RQAC has designated student study areas which are used for quiet private study and student flight planning.  There is also a student lounge with food and beverage vending machines for your convenience. Also located in the Study Area are Practice Training devices to perfect checks and flight procedures.