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Pilot for a Day

Pilot For a DayThe Royal Queensland Aero Club has the perfect option for you, or that special person, with our PILOT FOR A DAY package.

You will fly! In the company of a professional instructor, you will take the controls of a Cessna 172.

Qualified instructors are with you from the moment you arrive. The day will go something like this:

  • A breakfast with your fellow pilots ? BBQ, Coffee ? all the things you would expect. This is a good chance to meet your instructors and fellow pilots.
  • A tour of the RQAC flight training and member facilities
  • Into the classroom for your pre flight briefing which takes you through :
    • basic aircraft control
    • instrument orientation
    • air traffic control phraseology and terminology
    • airport operations and
    • safety procedures.
  • After your briefing you will carry out a pre-flight inspection of your aircraft with your instructor.
  • Then you will go flying!!

You will have nearly three quarters of an hour in the aircraft when you will taxi, talk to the tower, take off, climb, cruise, turn, descend and land, while getting a birds eye view of Brisbane.

After you have returned to base it will be time to break open the champagne and celebrate with your fellow pilots. You will be presented with a photo and a laminated PILOT FOR A DAY Certificate which will look great on the wall at home. This will be a great conversation starter at dinner parties. No doubt your friends will have plenty of questions. You will also receive a Royal Queensland Aero Club cap as a memento of the day.

No medical certificate is required and no age limit applies. You can never be too old or too young to enjoy the thrill of flying. It is only fair to warn you. Flights such as these have often been the start of a new career or a lifetime love affair!

This is the real thing and the memories are sure to last a lifetime.

To become a Pilot for a Day Contact Us at Royal Queensland Aero Club.

PILOT FOR A DAY is also tailor made for corporate and group activities. Catering from the fully licensed club restaurant can also be included if you wish to have a special group function.

Gift Certificates are available and are the perfect gift for that special occasion.

Junior Aviation Careers Academy (JACA)

Royal Queensland Aero Club offers students from Year 8 and above the opportunity to experience the challenge of learning to fly.

Our Junior Aviation Careers Academy program allows students to experience 3 hours of structured flight training. This is the ideal opportunity for students to try out a career before embarking on a full course.

All flights can be logged and credited to future courses.

Some of the things you will experience on the program is flying as well as visits to the Air Traffic Control Tower, Maintenance Hangars and Careers Talks.

Contact Us to arrange for your Junior Aviation Careers Academy placement.

Learn to Fly

Youve always wanted to learn to fly, its been a lifelong dream, watching every aeroplane that flies overhead and wishing it was you up there. At the Royal Queensland Aero Club we share your passion. We want you to realise your dream and will be with you every step of the way.

Airlines throughout the world seek pilots with high level decision making, communication and leadership qualities. The training programs at RQAC focus on these skills and fully prepare you for a demanding and exciting career.

At RQAC we have a range of Certificate and Diploma courses. We offer a Certificate IV in Aviation (Commercial Pilot Aeroplane Licence) and the Diploma in Aviation (Instrument Flight Operations) courses. We are a flying training provider for the Griffith University Aviation Degree courses.

At RQAC all courses are tailored to the individual. All students have a personalised timetable. This allows for your personal commitments, such as University studies and work schedules. Your flight training and theory training are fully integrated at all times.

Minimum Requirements

For obvious reasons there are some minimum requirements to be met for pilot training:

  • Be competent at speaking English
  • Prior to flying solo you will need to posses at least a current class two aviation medical, a Student Pilot Licence, a current Australian Security Identification Clearance (ASIC) and be at least 16 years of age.

There is no age limit to beginning your flight training, just the minimum for solo flight. We will assist you with submitting your Student Pilot Licence and ASIC on day one and can provide guidance towards attaining your medical.

Trial Instructional Flight

This is your chance to check us out; to meet some of the instructors, tour our facilities, to see and feel what it is like to fly one of our aircraft hands-on. A Trial Instructional Flight includes:

  • A tour of our fleet and facilities
  • Your own flying instructor who can answer your questions
  • Demonstration of a pre-flight inspection
  • A basic explanation of the aircraft instruments and controls
  • Taxying and flying the aircraft under the guidance of your instructor
  • The 25 minutes duration of the flight can be logged and is an actual flying lesson
  • A debrief on completion of the flight
  • Free package of information on flying training

A Trial Instructional Flight (TIF), provided at a special discounted rate, includes half an hour of instruction on the ground and a half an hour flight. Better still, the cost of the TIF is credited to you if you start flying training and so effectively costs you nothing. There is no obligation to commence flying training.

TIFs are conducted in a Cessna 172N model aircraft. The cost of a TIF is $199 including GST

Contact Us to arrange for your Trial Instructional Flight.

Gift Certificates are available and are the perfect gift for that special occasion.

Once you have achieved your Private Pilot Licence there are a number of ratings and endorsements that you can add. These include a night rating, aerobatic rating, formation rating, and more…

RA-Aus Recreational Pilot Certificate

The Academy RA-Aus Recreational Pilot Certificate programme is a complete programme leading to certification?under RA-Aus for recreational flying only. It provides an ideal alternative to the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) for those?wishing to become recreational pilots.

RA-Aus is a training and operational structure which is administered by Recreational Aviation Australia Inc. It?provides lower cost and easier access to quality aircraft operations and flight training Further information about RA-Aus is available at

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

To obtain your Private Pilot Licence (PPL) you will undertake navigational training exercises over approximately 20 hours of flight time.

The whole of South East Queensland becomes your oyster with typical flights taking in locations such as the Gold Coast, Warwick, Toowoomba, Oakey, Kingaroy, Bundaberg, or the Sunshine Coast.

With your PPL you can fly almost anywhere in Australia.

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

A Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) is required for employment as a pilot. The training is also a great way to expand your knowledge and skills whether or not you have a desire to work as a pilot.

Most students indicate on enrolment that they would like to achieve at least a CPL. This leaves the door open for the future as well as the added benefit of GST-free flying training should you enroll in our Certificate IV in Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence) Course.