Commercial Pilot License

Commercial Pilot LicenseAfter completing your Private Pilot Licence you will have accrued 12 hours solo flying. Before being recommended for a Commercial Pilot Licence you will need to accrue a minimum of 70 hours Pilot in Command, or solo time (if completing a 150 hour course of instruction).

It is not simply a matter of “clocking up the hours” as some people might think. At RQAC, this time is carefully planned and monitored. It is important for your future professional development that you undertake flying to many different destinations. These destinations need to encompass all the different environments that you could expect to encounter in your future flying career. The destinations will vary from remote locations to busy city airports, together with all the different airspace environments that are encountered in these varied locations.

During this time you will be inducted into our mock charter company, and you will undertake mock charter flights under the direction of your Flight Instructor. These flights are not simply a matter of “take Mrs Bloggs to Toowoomba and return home”. They reflect accurately some of the demanding tasks that will be expected of any Commercial Pilot. They involve a complex set of tasks that require you to exercise your command judgment and initiative, an essential skill for anyone who aspires to the highest levels in commercial aviation. The confidence and experience that you will gain during this time will greatly assist you in all your future positions, but most particularly it will equip you well for that all important first flying job. Throughout this time a number of your Commercial navigation exercises are scheduled.

We will ensure that your personal flying standards are continually monitored. We are assessing that your professional standards are continually evolving, that you are not developing any poor habits in your aircraft handling, airmanship or navigation techniques. You will also undertake training for your Night VFR Rating. This Rating entitles you to fly during the hours of darkness. Up to this point all your flying will have been during daylight hours.

Firstly you will be trained in night circuit operations. The cues that are used at night are quite different from those which are used for daylight operations. Once your Instructor is happy that you have competently mastered the techniques, you will be sent for some solo consolidation of your newly developed skills.
After the completion of the circuit phase of your night training, you will then once again move further afield with night cross-country navigation exercises. You will learn the art of drawing a ‘mud-map’ for the expected route, as well as polishing your skills using the radio navigation aids.

Throughout this time your flying skills will become polished and professional, and your confidence will have increased markedly. You will have completed your Manual Propeller Pitch Control/ Retractable Undercarriage endorsements on our C172RG, and you will now be completing the latter stages of the Commercial Pilot Licence syllabus.

When our Flight Standards Officer is happy that you meet the RQAC standards for issue of the Commercial Pilot Licence, you will be recommended for your flight test. You will then join the elite ranks of qualified Professional Pilots. Your new career is about to really take-off.