Foreign Licence Conversion

RQAC has considerable experience in the conversion of Overseas Pilot Licences at PPL, CPL and ATPL level.

The process to convert your licence will depend on the type of licence you hold and the country issuing the licence. There are for instance special arrangements for holders of New Zealand Commercial Pilot Licences transferring to Australian Commercial Pilot Licence.

To allow us to best assist you with your licence conversion please email us your full details of your licence and a detailed breakdown of your flight experience and we will assess your experience and advise you of the specific requirements that you will need to undertake.

Most people will need to pass a written examination and then undertake sufficient flying to reach the Australian standards and then undertake a flight test. The amount of flying involved will be dependant on your experience and recency.

If you wish to convert an overseas rating such as Command Instrument Rating, Instructor Rating or Night Flying this will also usually involve written exams, some training and a flight test. Please ask us about your particular circumstances for more specific advice.


You will need to obtain an Australian Class 1 medical for CPL and ATPL and a Class 2 medical for PPL. All applicants will need to apply for an ASIC card. Please note that the ASIC card will take 3 to 5 weeks generally to issue as security clearances are required. The ASIC card does not have to be issued before your training commences.

Other Options

Depending on your length of stay in Australia you could also consider a Special Pilot Licence or a Certificate of Validation full details of both of these are available on the CASA website