Private Pilot Training

Restricted Private Licence and Private Pilot Licence

Training for your first solo is one of the most exciting phases of your flight training that you will ever undertake. This is where you actually learn to fly the aircraft in all of its many configurations. You will learn all the basics such as climbing, descending, turning, and stalling before starting to fly the aircraft in the circuit area where you will practice take-offs and landings. Once your instructor is confident that you are able to competently handle any situation that you might encounter, you will be sent for your very first solo flight. This is a flight that you will relive for the rest of your life. Even the most experienced Airline Captains with years of airline flying time will vividly recount their first solo flight!

After consolidating your circuit procedures, you will then return to the Archerfield training areas for a series of flights where you will learn some more advanced skills including forced landings, advanced stalling, compass turns, and instrument flying. Throughout this time you will see your skill level steadily improving and your confidence growing. You will also undertake your first solo flight to the training areas. These spectacular areas include flying over the beautiful coastal areas of Moreton Bay along the beaches of Stradbroke Island, as well as the picturesque rural areas to the West of the Gold Coast hinterland.

You will learn to land the aircraft in different wind conditions and on shorter runways. This training prepares you for your future flights to locations away from our home base at Archerfield as well as further expanding your skill and knowledge.

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Once you have completed the basics, you can start working towards your PPL licence, which will enable you to fly and carry passengers anywhere in Australia (with the exception of prohibited airspace).

This phase of your training sees you really expand your horizons. During basic handling you learned to fly the aircraft. Now you need to learn how to navigate the aircraft across long distances. The training is designed to develop your skills in map reading and flight planning.

You fly to Toowoomba, Kingaroy, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Casino, Coffs Harbour, Wondai, Pittsworth, Coolangatta and Maroochydore to name but a few of the navigation exercise destinations.

The PPL theory covers the topics of navigation, meteorology, flight rules and procedures, aircraft performance and aerodynamics. Once again this material is interesting and very practical, and relates precisely to the activities you will be completing in the air.

At the completion of your training, you will need to complete a flight test; once again this is normally done by our CASA Approved Testing Officer.

On the successful completion of this test, you are authorised to fly an aircraft carrying passengers for pleasure, or for private purposes and are no longer restricted to the confines of the Archerfield training areas.

Your licence does not entitle you to be remunerated for your services. This would require that you hold at least a Commercial Pilot Licence. A private pilot is legally entitled to share the cost of the hire of the aircraft with your passengers on an equal basis as long as no more than 6 people in total are carried in the aircraft.