RA-Aus Recreational Pilot Certificate

GFPT and Private Pilot Licence

The RA-Aus Recreational Pilot Certificate programme is a complete certificate programme leading specifically to a certification under RA-Aus for recreational flying only.

Candidates who are considering future training towards a formal pilot licence can apply for credit towards the flight hours requirements in non-integrated programmes but should seek further advice prior to undertaking this programme.

This certificate is registered under RA-Aus, not CASA.

RA-Aus is a training and operational structure which is administered by Recreational Aviation Australia Inc. It provides lower cost and easier access to quality aircraft operations and flight training solutions for the recreational aviator. Further information about RA-Aus is available at www.raa.asn.au.

Flight training for this programme is usually conducted in a modern Sling 2 two seater single engine RA-Aus aircraft.