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The Royal Queensland Aero Club is one of the oldest flying schools in Australia. With a long and proud history it continues to play a significant role in Australian aviation.

The Royal Queensland Aero Club also incorporates the Airline Academy of Australia (AAA) and Aviation Training for Aviation Engineers(ATAE). Each entity within the group operates independently, but benefits from a shared expertise and use of resources, all working towards the same outcome.

AAA (w)-A4

Airline Academy of Australia The Airline Academy of Australia was established in 2005 by RQAC after identifying a gap in the professional pilot training arena.

The Academy specialises in full time professional pilot training and embraces the latest training methodologies to ensure the very best pilots.

For more information on AAA:

visit: www.airlineacademy.com.au

call: +61 7 3722 3222

1800 aviation: 1300 284 284


ATAE:Technical solutions for the aviation industry.ATAE offers complete technical training solutions for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs).A dedicated team of instructors who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience delivers training programs.Training is delivered in the following disciplines:

  • Avionics;
  • Mechanical; and
  • Structural.

For more information on ATAE:

visit: www.atae.com.au

call: +61 7 3277 3227