The Royal Queensland Aero Club (RQAC) is one of the oldest flying school in Australia.  With a long and proud history it continues to play a significant role in Australian aviation.  A non profit body, which also owns and operates the Airline Academy of Australia (AAA), and the Aviation Training Establishment for Aircraft Engineers (ATAE).

Our Advantages

Flying training at The Royal Queensland Aero Club exceeds the standards of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).  Your training program is personalised to a one-on-one basis with your instructor. Training is provided at your own pace and assessed based on your individual competency. Our school considers safety to be the highest priority for all operations as demonstrated by our training standards.

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds with various training requirements. We believe that a passion for aviation is vital to our student’s achieving their goals.

Our training delivery is flexible and can accommodate your timeframe, ambitions and budget.

RQAC encourages the development of disciplined and highly competent pilots who possess the personal and professional skills to achieve success in the aviation industry.